Laurie & Jon at Morse Lake

Many times when I meet a bride for the first time they bring their sister/mother/friend along, which is so fun, but I don't always get to meet the groom right away.  When I met Laurie and her twin sister for coffee and to connect and chat about her wedding I knew we were the perfect fit and knew if her fiance was half as cool as her we would have no problem!

I met the two of them at Morse Park last week for their engagement session.  The weather was absolutely perfect, slight breeze, sunshine and perfect temperature.  During our session Laurie put on a floral crown and Jon looked at her and told her she looked like a princess (melt muh heart!) Then proceeded to ask me what color his (pink) shirt was and told me she had told him it was light red, which for the record I agree with ;)  We laughed so much during their session and I absolutely enjoyed spending the evening with them.

I love meeting couples and really getting to see each of their personalities and just knowing they are right where they need to be.  I cannot wait to witness them be married and party the night away in December!

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