2016 | A Year In Review

2017 already?!

I don't know about you, but 2016 went by so fast!  I feel like I was just setting a bunch of ridiculous resolutions hah!
I did however set one resolution that I followed through with and actually I have made it again this year...




2016 was my first official year of being a "full time wedding photographer."  This was the year I decided to pursue the wedding side of the industry full time.  I was so nervous to take the plunge (and so sad to refer most of my families out), but I must say it was the best decision for myself and my business.  Weddings have my heart and I wanted to give my brides 100% of my devotion.  I absolutely love getting to know my brides (and grooms) and know I made the right decision! 

So 2016, you were pretty good to me..

The year started off when I was asked to shoot an engagement session in Colorado.  My first time there!  I flew out in February, with my boots and sweater on!  If I learned anything about Colorado it's that it's weather is even more psycho than Indiana's. It ended up being like a million degrees and I was sweating my ass off climbing mountains.  It was an amazing day that ended with meeting a long time friend for sushi and flying home (completely exhausted) the same day!

Here are a few photos from the session


Keep scrolling to the end to see a photo of Tess & Kyle's gorgeous wedding later in the year! 

Also at the beginning of the year I reached out to one of my favorite wedding photographers on the East Coast...so nervous I asked her if she would allow me to come out to mentor with her.  The response I got was so inspiring...she told me that not only did she know I existed (sorry excuse me while I have a fan girl moment), but she felt like she knew me because she had followed my work for so long!! AHH!  It was love at first site for me ;)

We chatted and decided I should fly out in April while she had a wedding.  I was able to not only mentor with her on the business side of things, but would be able to follow her around and help her shoot a dream wedding!  GOALS!

We hit it right off and she opened my eyes to MANY things on the business side that I had not been doing...one of which was BLOGGING...so yes here we are ;)

She was absolutely amazing and such an inspiration.  She gave me the fuel I needed to get myself out of that winter rut and get me back on track.

Here we are, drooling over this cake...which we grabbed on the way out and shoved our faces with our hands (the things wedding photographers do after 10 hours)

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And here are a few of my images from the gorgeous wedding!


While I was visiting Maryland, my Auntie whom lives in Boston decided to meet half way...which just so happened to be


My first time to the city and we had about 12 hours (8 of which was sleeping lol) So She asked what I wanted to see the most...Strawberry Fields of course!  Anyone who knows me knows I am a rocker at heart.  My Dad and I are total concert junkies and music is life! I had to see The Dakota and SF.  We had the best tour guide ever around Central Park, ate some amazing tacos and had some desserts before heading back to catch up at the hotel.  I wanted to see so more, but time just didn't allow! But don't fret, my husband and I are going in less than 2 weeks so be prepared for a MASSIVE blog post at the end of this month! 



Next up in my 2016 Adventure, my best friend turned 30...my big 30 is this year...whomp whomp.. Anyway we decided to take a trip to the mountains, just the 2 of us.  Something we had never done so we flew into Denver for a whirlwind weekend of fun!  We had 2 short days full of adventuring, eating, shopping, eating, site seeing, eating..you get the gist ;)

A bucket list for me is to see a concert at Redrocks, though there were no concerts when we went I did get to see the site!  Insert obligatory photo here...


We also visited a cat cafe (yes cats just walked around while we sipped tea!), had amazing coffee and met a wedding referral that lived in Michigan!  

View the blog post about her here

Lu and I spent 3 weeks in Cincinnati while my grandparents were in Europe.  We took the time to do all kinds of fun things around the city, you know that stuff you take for granted when you live there...like drive in movies, parks, record stores, the observatory, ice skating and just spending time together! 

I took that last photo "John Cougar Mellencamp whatever his name is" for my daughter...she's a huge Mellencamp head.  Which brings me to the next few photos, we surprised her with tickets to his show and she actually got to meet him...I'll spare you all the details, but it was AMAZING!  I'll show you a couple photos  

And her photo after meeting him... happy tears all the way home.  She slept with her autographed album and in her t-shirt.

ehh and while we are talking about Mellencamp let's just talk about Petty!



                                 TOM PETTY!!!

ok ok so by meet I mean I stood there with my knees buckled without being able to say a word while he signed my album...insert photo here ;)

Ill spare you the after photo of mine because let's just say I was crying harder than Lu was after meeting Mellencamp and y'all just don't want to see a photo of that 

Rewind a bit...

My Dad and I got 4th row tickets to Mudcrutch...if you don't know who Mudcrutch is Google it...

We road tripped down to Nashville TN, met a bunch of cool ass Petty fans that are now friends for life...watched Mudcrutch play an epic show then sprinted to the front and tossed my record in Tom's hands as he signed it...now let me just say my husband surprised me with this rare gem a couple years ago and my dream was to one day have it signed....check!  

We also traveled to Peoria for Kid Rock, Columbus for ACDC (OMG Angus OMGGGG) I cried about half way through that one too...just a sap... and a bunch of other cities to see countless artists!

Next up was Florida...3x

My Mom moved down there recently so Lu and I traveled out to see her, I also flew down to Naples with a friend and to Disney with the fam...

aaaand the only photo of my husband on this post is of his feet! HAH!




Traveling made my year special, but I couldn't do the things I love without the support of my clients.  I seriously feel like I have the most amazing photography family out there and I feel like it's only appropriate to end this post with some love for them!  Here are a few of my favorites from 2016!


If you made it until the end of this, thank you!  Cheers to a happy 2017 and MORE ADVENTURE!

If you would like to join the family contact me here ;)